Young Dad Conversations


Our culture is undergoing an incredible shift in relation to family roles. Beyond the practical fact that more and more women are pursuing their careers, men are now encouraged to join a level of parenting rarely offered to them in the past. In stark contrast to the stern, often absent father of yesteryear, the modern father now is desired to be present and nurturing, raising the children in equal parts (and sometimes more) than the mother.


Founded at the beginning of this year, the Young Dad Conversation aims to point the spotlight on not only the shifting family dynamic but also how to best approach altering the typical father figure into something that resonates better with their children. By promoting respect and mentorship, Ricardo Salcedo aims to transform those less involved in their children’s lives into fathers that invest in their children with the knowledge that the wisdom passed down will aid them in becoming strong, mature individuals. In his talks, Ricardo introduces two father figures: the Dictator and the Mentor. Between the two, the Mentor is the key to providing a loving, nurturing relationship that inspires children instead of scaring them.


Though still in its infancy, the organization continues to grow through featured videos and a future 21 day challenge. These videos currently are released monthly and provide interviews with different fathers discussing the trials and lessons learned through parenthood while keeping focus on what makes a good father. These offer wonderful insight into the countless backgrounds fathers come from. Shortly, The 21-Day Better Dad Challenge details will be posted and will seek to challenge fathers for 21 days to adhere to mentorship as opposed to dictatorship. News is forthcoming but it promises to be a goal that any father of any age would be better for having tried it.

Here is the link where you can read about Ricardo and watch some of the first “Young Dad Conversations” (more viedeo’s will be uploaded in the next few days!)


Written by Kristen, for Our Daily Good News