Belgium inspires the world banning Wild Animals use in circuses.


Banning of wild animals in circuses is a major concern for most countries including Greece, Austria, Columbia and Belgium.  In 2012, Belgium followed laws implementing policies on how to handle wild animals. These laws require proper treatment like the one given to animals in zoos which is impossible to acquire at present.

Although some cities had put into effect the ban of wild animals in shows, animal advocacy groups still pursue their goal to have a full protection of animals. It is their aim to prevent circus administrators and owners from doing harm against wild animals. These animals are believed to suffer from stress due to forced performances, physical and psychological abuse, lack of freedom, inappropriate habitat and exploitation. Some cases of beaten and killed wild animals have been reported when they cannot perform during the show or when they try to escape from their abusive owners.

On December 18th of year 2013, Belgian Parliament has voted to pass the bill to forbid use of any wild animals in circus performances due to animal cruelty. Advocacy Organizations fought for many years to protect the animals from abuse and maltreatment just to entertain people or the so called human amusement which is completely unethical. This bill was passed by the Minister of Animal Welfare and supported by the Belgian advocacy group Global Action in the Interest of Animals or GAIA.

As Belgium joins the other countries around the world, some sources say UK will also be part of this movement in 2015. It is good news for Belgians and all the advocacy organizations supporting prevention of cruelty to animals and violation of animal welfare act. It is time for everyone to see the importance of wild animals and raise awareness on how to stop animal abuse which is a common issue all over the world.


Written by Kat for Our Daily Good news.

Photography by Patrick Gallbert