Mi.Mu’s phenomenal gloves convert hand movements into music!

Imogen Heap and her team of creative engineers have developed a truly revolutionary product that is sure to change the way music is created and performed. Their state of the art Mi.Mu Gloves, utilize the conversion of physical movement into electrical signal so that a computer program can apply both visual and audio effects that are representative to the user’s behavioral patterns. In other words, an artist can create sound effects, melodies, or even 3-dimensional visual graphics to accompany their presentation or performance.

With an innovative blueprint of complex electronics, and a very involved software program that converts the movement into sound or image, users can completely customize their experience with the Mi.Mu glove to best fit their performing style. From percussion to wind instruments, the glove can be electrically interconnected to a plethora of different sounds. This particular performance enhancing glove stands apart from other designs in the sense that it has the ability to communicate through wireless signal, eliminating any physical restrictions for the performer.

Just imagine how a musical performance might be enhanced if artists had the ability to completely synchronize their movements with relevant sound effects. How much more profound would a spoken poetry performance be if the poet could strategically incorporate drums or melody enhancing background effects?

Taking this dynamic device one step further, how might two performers use their Mi.Mu Gloves in a singular performance? If these two apparatuses were able to communicate with each other, the possibilities are essentially endless. In fact, a group of performers could literally mimic the sound of a full band, without having any instrumental or music reading talent whatsoever. Not to mention, this innovative product will completely streamline the amount of equipment needed for a performance. The Mi.Mu glove only requires a laptop to operate. I am incredibly excited to see how this creative device transforms this generation’s execution of artistic performance.

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