Peru provides with Free Solar Power to its poverty-stricken citizens

Peru 3

Being accustomed to the use of electricity on the daily basis, imagine what life would be like, without having the means to pay for a decent source of light? Or, if living in an area, that was simply not developed enough to provide with electricity?

At present, only 66% of the 24 million total population of Peru has electricity. In Northern Peru, majority of towns lack access to electricity, which leads most living in the area, to the use of oil lamps and hazardous fuel – both harmful to the population’s health, causing frequent respiratory illnesses and are recurring originators of home fires.

The good news, according to the Minister of Energy and Mining, Peru will give free electricity to the poverty-stricken citizens of entire Peru. The National Photovoltaic Household Electrification Program will install solar panels as source of electricity for over 2 million people starting in the province of Contumaza. The project aims to provide free electricity to people with no access to electric light with the use of inexpensive devices and available resources. It begins with 500,000 of the poorest residents and will definitely make a huge impact, helping reduce families’ spending on alternative lighting, create a safe, healthy indoors environment and will most likely add to a positive outlook in the daily life.

This great idea of Peru should be recognized and inspire other countries to do the same for their people. The use of solar power/solar panels should be promoted all over the world for healthier, harmonious living, the Minimal Environmental Impact it brings along; Labor-Intensive Production Regimes energy saving reasons and other factors.

This is expected to be completed in 2016.

Photography by Sebastian Suku Belaustegui