Pharrell Williams presents RAW for the Oceans

Is it possible to turn manmade disasters into alternative business models and ecologically mindful products?

Due to the very unfortunate lifestyle of ignorance in regard to the imprints we leave behind with our mass production in the industrial world, the mass consumption and the lack of education on the path we are choosing to walk daily, our magnificent, intricate eco system is slowly perishing.

If the oceans dies, we die. – Captain Paul Watson

The realization that the oceans need us now, has led Pharrell Williams – musician, producer, entrepreneur and creative director at Bionic Yarn, and G-Star Raw – a Dutch designer clothing company, to partner up with Parley for the Oceans, in order to create collections out of Ocean’s plastic.

“Bionic Yarn, is the first high-performance ecoyarn. Its patented spinning process is capable of incorporating fibers from recycled plastic bottles into durable and refined quality textiles.” – Parley for the Oceans

Process of creation? “From bottle to chip, chip to fiber, fiber to yarn, yarn to bionic.”

-Tyson Toussant Co-Founder Bionic Yarn

Pharrell, creative director at Bionic Yarn, considers himself a lucky guy to be able to participate in such incredible endeavor.

Happy life, happy human beings, happy ocean.

Collection will be available, August 15th.

“Come along if you feel that happiness is the truth..” ~ Pharrell Williams

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