Positive Arts to bring freshness and excitement to the communities.


Freshness and excitement to communities.

What if the option to stumble upon brilliant projects, created by people who share passion for empowering and inspiring people, was available on our daily walks through the city; when visiting schools, parks and other public places? Well, a project like this, does exist.

One of the first of its kind, a UK based Positive Arts company was established in 1988 and has become one of the most respected and renowned art projects of graffiti and street arts, from its very beginning. Dedicated to bringing a feeling of pride and achievement to communities, through their positive, people centered ethos, and a uniquely educational and engaging approach to projects, workshops and programs, they provide with experiences, community members will keep in their hearts forever.

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A team made up of six professional artists, headed by Julian Phethean (also known as Mr. Cenz), are all trained and experienced youth workers. Whatever the project they may take part in, Positive Arts team helps students to explore and examine personal and social issues, while encouraging them to use their artistic skills to express their thoughts, feelings and experiences through Graffiti art.


From community to graffiti art murals, to workshops and street art courses, their recent projects included participation in the UK’s anti – bullying week, an event that was organized by the Diana Award. “The workshops give the children inspiration, practical ideas and top tips to beat bullying. Ultimately, the children go on to be ambassadors who help to prevent bullying and ensure everyone feels safe and happy in their school.”

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Another project was dedicated to a Car Free Day and was designed to educate and promote alternative means of transport. “Car Free Day saw the road being transformed into a vibrant ‘village fete’ with grass and trees, deck chairs and picnic blankets. The Positive Arts team worked with the local kids to transform two old cars into works of art. We painted the cars in the street and the outcome was amazing.”


The company creates bridges between young and old, giving hope and a sense of purpose to those who may have lost their way. An awe-inspiring project that can turn run down and dispassionate communities into the tight- knit, caring places we all want to live in.


If you are seeking inspiration and ideas on how you can rekindle community engagement visit  HYPERLINK “http://www.positivearts.co.uk” www.positivearts.co.uk.

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