San francisco Giants – New Organic Garden Opens a New Chapter towards Healthy Food Growth and Consumption.


The San Francisco Giants along with its premium food & beverage partner, Bon Appetit Management has developed first-of-its-kind organic garden located right below the main scoreboard in Centerfield. This is in fact considered to be a vital step by the San Francisco Giants to cut down on the food costs in the ball park with the motto stating “Just Grow it Yourself”. Today, the AT&T Park is the home to an edible organic vegetable garden spread through 3,000 square feet of space behind the center-field wall just below the giant scoreboard.


The main agenda behind developing such a huge organic garden is to produce a diverse amount of edible organic foods that can feed the whole stadium ensuring their good health and wellness. The whole organic garden set up is also aiming to help the Bay Area children by educating them about urban farming that promotes healthy eating and sustainability.


This organic garden is divided into different sections:


Planter: This section grows strawberries and avocados.


Herbs and Edible Flowers Tables: You can find a wide variety of different herbs such as thyme, mint, purple leaf basil, sweet basil, parsley, cilantro, Thai basil, sage, rosemary, chives, winter savory, shiso, oregano etc. and edible flowers include geranium, marigold, pansy etc.


Raised Planters: In this section, they grow English peas, bush beans, green beans, Persian cucumbers, radishes etc.


Aeroponic Gardens: This the green vegetable sections where you will find butter lettuce, mustard greens, arugula, bok choy, lactinato kale, red leaf lettuce, spinach, chard, cherry tomatoes, patty pan squash etc.


Trellis Gardens: This area of the organic garden include flowers like jasmine and nasturtiums as well as huckleberry.


Citrus Tables: This area is reserved for citrus food such as Meyer lemons, kumquat, Persian lime etc.


The San Francisco Giants organic garden grows a variety of different plantations that include fruits, vegetables, herbs and edible flowers. The aim of these plantations is to use the garden productions as a supply food for the park’s catering operations. Besides planting these organic food, the garden also includes an open-air restaurant and community classroom that promotes the importance of organic and healthy eating. By developing such an organic garden right into the stadium, the San Francisco Giants have not only won the hearts of millions but they have also set up an example for other sports teams all around the globe to take such an initiative.


With the booming real state and infrastructure, many forests plantations are cut down which led to uneven seasons and lesser growth of food in the farming sector due to global warming. Hence, it has become very important for real estate developers to understand the need of such organic plantation that would not only help fight global warming but in addition to that such gardens can also be a perfect solution for the growing need of food among people.


Organic food has a lot of benefits compared to the unhealthy processed foods that are easily available in the market. The San Francisco Giants are also keen to promote organic food among the youth who are otherwise inclined to fast foods and other unhealthy foods available at local stores. With growing fan following of the San Francisco Giants, the team is all set to motivate everyone to shift towards organic farming into their own backyard garden and help the universe in some way.



– Written by Pooja for Our Daily Good News.