They bring us clean drinking water.

Chances are if you’re reading this, you can get up right now and grab a glass of water. But what if you couldn’t? What if you had to pass three days before your empty water supply replenished? And what if on the third day there was still no water? Across the globe, lack of clean drinking water takes untold numbers. Luckily, a force has risen to ensure everyone enjoys the right to such a necessary piece of our existence.


After trekking Mount Everest, Canadian Kori Chilibeck came into contact with a firsthand account of abuse of power by a multinational corporation when he met a man paid a mere fifty cents a day to carry soda cans for two weeks up the mountain in order to make sure the stock up top was always replenished. Chilibeck returned home and began his plans for a company that donated all net profits to those who need it mostinstead of greedily retaining them.


While on his trip through Canada, the Dutch Patrick de Nekker happened to read an article called “If you had the chance, would you change the world?”, written by Kori Chilibeck. Patrick made sure he met Kori the same evening. Their meeting was so successful, that upon his return to The Netherands, Patrick quit his job at Heineken and teamed up with a partner, an entrepreneur Henk Witteveen in order to support Chilibeck’s dreams of changing the world.


In 2007, EARTH Concepts began its line of water and coffee products to then use 100% of the net profit to fund clean water projects around the globe. Starting in 2011, they teamed with in order to promote transparency and visibility for their various fundraisers. Since the founding, they have been able to donate over 500,000 Euros to projects including providing clean water for children with disabilities in China and providing water filters for 800 hundred families in Mozambique.


EARTH is supported by over 100 musicians using the brand as their sole backstage source of hydration. Their water line includes various options ranging from a Tetra pack of still water to 100% recycled glass bottles of sparkling water. Also launched in 2011, EARTH Coffee paired with Mocca d’Or in order to produce coffee from 100% Arabica beans harvested responsibly in Guatemala, Peru, and Nicaragua. Purchases of this coffee support not only safe packaging practices but funds the improvement of the working conditions of the coffee farmers.


Sometimes one push can change the world.

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